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Due to some unpleasant circumstances we were forced to face recently, we felt obligated to write this post in order to provide some guidelines and improve the quality of life for all players reading our forums. We have always avoided, whenever we could, severe countermeasures such as thread deletion, editing or censorship, and we wish to continue doing so.

Please treat the following lines as helpful advices for the times when you don’t know what to do rather than a limitation of your rights. We have never turned down criticism or questions, so feel free to continue posting as you have always done. Only when in doubt, consult this thread to know whether you should consider changing your mind.

1. Please don’t post spoilers in developer-made stickied threads. People usually read them more than other threads, and sometimes they wouldn’t want to find unasked information. Guide/Help threads and the wiki do an awesome job for people who are actually looking for help and guides.
2. Please mark threads with a visible [SPOILER] tag when you are planning to include datamined information. Datamined info may not only be unasked for, but also inaccurate or outdated – use it at your own risk.
3. Please do not post exported save strings on the public boards. Most players want to play their game and not someone else’s – those who don’t can arrange their questions privately. Any thread or post containing an export string will be edited or deleted.
4. For the same reason as above, please do not post bugs, exploits, cheats or game hacks on the public boards. This includes links to sites or any other place containing such material. If you run into a bug or exploit which you think we are not aware of yet, the best thing you can do is contact us via PM, including a detailed description of the issue.
5. Please do not post excerpts from the game code. We want to make cheaters/hackers life as hard as possible for the good of the largest part of the community, and we will take any possible mean to do so that does not harm actual gameplay or performance. Of course, formulas, unlock requirements and upgrade/trophy descriptions are not included and you can post them freely on Guide/Help threads as long as you tag them as such.
6. In all other cases, please use some common sense. Try avoiding excessive trolling, unnecessary nasty sarcasm, insulting, and generally anything that you wouldn’t be happy to read if addressed to yourself.


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