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#1 2020-08-05 11:58:13

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When to push to L100 [Guide/Help]

I just hit R206 and got the last merc challenge, and was wondering whether or not it is worth it to push lineages from L90 to L100 or to wait until a later R. Thanks!


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Re: When to push to L100 [Guide/Help]

End of R206 with all Merc challenges unlocked is a good time to level lineages, it won't get easier between there and R220 and the extra boost in power will be helpful for the final push to A4. Lineages will however in all likelyhood be reset to L75 on ascending to A4, so unless L100 is used by another unlock before ascending or DG changes the pattern of resetting to +25 levels per new ascension, pushing lineages now might feel like a waste of effort in the end. On the other hand we're probably a couple months away from patch still, so you have plenty of time to go for it if you feel like it.

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Re: When to push to L100 [Guide/Help]

Return of the King (Merc challenge) needs 90level of all lineages so reset rather wont be to 75


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