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Known bugs/issues list (updated 19/1/21)


  • When syncing mobile/steam account with Kongregate, Kongregate account will override premium - this means that a gift bought on steam will be lost. Message when syncing to make sure gifts will be kept, or to restore them if you already synced.


  • Red and Black dragon's breaths apply Angel Upgrade 10 incorrectly in formula.

  • Tiered autocast is not actually needed to automatically cast tiers.

  • Issues with Keyboard events may cause Ctrl button to be incorrectly seen as pressed. Press Ctrl again to workaround.

  • MCC1 disables regular bloodline selection, preventing R58/R115 powers from working.

  • Good alignment Warcry does not increase autocasted tier as expected.

  • Potential production calculation overflow under heavily buffed post-MCC5 Good alignment Mercenaries resulting in reduced production.

  • When importing an A3 mercenary template, Mercenary Union purchase does not check if upgrade is already bought.

  • Prestige XX10 faction upgrades incorrectly use building max instead of unique building max.

  • Several XX10 faction upgrades incorrectly check for if unique building exists before being purchasable as mercenaries.

  • Share Benefits autocasting may incorrectly cast 1 tier below what is possible by max mana.

  • D435 incorrectly cannot be purchased as Mercenary.

  • S2875 unlock condition incorrectly checks alchemist labs instead of inns if Neutral Mercenary.

  • E3300 unlock condition incorrectly counts UB multipliers.


  • R108 should be hidden from reincarnation button as it doesn't scale with reincarnations.

  • Building upgrade tooltip (except Hall of Legends) with last building upgrade displays incorrect value.

  • DW9 incorrectly ignores Combo strike tiers in tooltip.

  • Maelstrom current effect building name doesn't update when a UB is bought mid cast.

  • Dragon's Breath and Gem Grinder should not display the T7 ascension penalty tooltip.

  • Union upgrades before R111 have an unneccesary newline in tooltip.

  • R5 power incorrectly typos as '1 assistants per Reincarnation' before R85 in reincarnation window.

  • Several researches lack a research hint even though they should have one (S590, C590, D590, E590, A590, W590).

  • MCC5 description is incomplete in describing what buildings it may effect and why.

  • Research Facility bonus is incorrectly high and does not list prestige research bonus correctly.

  • Catalyst is listed on info tab even if Djinn is not yet unlocked as of R130.

  • White Dragon's breath tooltip should be "temporarily increase the amount of assistants based ON time spent being neutral in this Reincarnation.

  • When Going to R100, R window will incorrectly show an increase of 100 (instead of 50) research points to 5000.


  • In event tab and challenge tab the icons/images go over the top of bottom bar when you scroll them.

  • Titan Union is missing the "earth halo" on its Union icon.

  • The Fairy icon on its Union is so big that you can barely see the Chaos symbol behind it.

  • Lightning Strike from Titanline with perk 4 doesn't show lightning icon on Hall of Origination/Burning Abyss icons.

  • Labyrinths (but not Sunken Cities), Necropolises and Undercities need their background icons resized.

  • Clicking background button, then hint button then background button results in a buggy empty tooltip that only goes away on clicking outside of it.

  • Challenges are not greyed out when Challenge Power isn’t bought.

  • Building purchase UI does not update if building cost is changed until building bought or buy type changed.

  • Share benefit's stated tier on spell button disappears on reload.

  • Hall of Origination appears over nearby trees in the background.

  • With upgrade categories turned off, closing the the purchased upgrades tab, buying an upgrade, then opening it again, may result in a purchased upgrade not appearing. Changing a tab or doing buy all will fix this issue.

  • Info tab incorrectly shows lineage level for Mercenary.

  • Lineage level column in info tab shows before lineages are unlocked.

  • C405, D435 wrongfully show with red X when still locked and non-dwarf.

  • Maelstrom building icons may not appear correctly after a reload.

  • Mercenary TC upgrade name does not update properly on export/import.

  • Spell effect icons on buildings are not rechecked when a UB is purchased, leading to things like wrong spell icons on buildings until game is restarted: … image0.png

  • With Multibuy upgrades disabled and consolidated upgrades, buying one upgrade of a consolidated stack will remove the tooltip instead of showing the tooltip details of the next in stack.

  • Dont group upgrades by category'  breaks 'sort upgrades by price' options.

  • Bloodline UI incorrectly expands at R125 to show elite bloodlines instead of R130 .

  • Current mana text on mana ball is incorrectly truncated to no decimals.

  • Artifact Set UI incorrectly shows prestige sets before R116.

  • Lineage Perk 5 unlock modal incorrectly shows up at L45 instead of L40


  • 'Goblins everywhere' and 'i love you in every language' feats only count prestige faction if used, while ignoring elite prestige faction.

  • Spiritual Surge tutorial will incorrectly mark an event spell if one is visible instead of spiritual surge.

  • Lineages being prohibited based on Vampire bonus bloodlines can be a problem for people who only have Vampire, as you cannot seem to deactivate it except by switching to a different creature. Now, by preventing you from picking those bonus bloodlines, it's preventing you from getting their lineage as well, especially a problem since Dragon lineage is commonly used. Problem will be solvable once people have more than 1 creature, but it can be an issue for at least part of a day.

  • Spectral surge hides Spritiual Surge tier on spell name when bought until recasted.


  • When scrolling spells, if your mouse does not move and you attempt to set autocasting settings on a new spell it will set up the first spell you originally had the mouse on while scrolling]

  • Event orbs need to change location based on screen size to prevent them from being placed outside the screen (perhaps store location as precentage and dynamically place them on screen size change).


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Re: Known bugs/issues list (updated 19/1/21)

Think I've had an overflow issue somewhere on an S400 run at the very end of R220 - production from buildings has dropped to 0 (showing NANE0 on every building) but everything else is fine.

Wondering if it could be spells-related, I crossed 2^127 this morning right around the time I lost production, and gold this run was nowhere near e300, let alone e308. Can't find any specific Upgrade/Bloodline/Spell/Research/Challenge causing the problem. Will send save export to DG, but not high priority to fix for this run (I'm only 1 excavation reset short of max I could get).


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Re: Known bugs/issues list (updated 19/1/21)

Can you send a save export?


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Re: Known bugs/issues list (updated 19/1/21)

Necrodoom wrote:

Can you send a save export?

Sent a DM via Kong to DG, will send to you too just now. (Also via Kong... Hope it works!)


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