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Questions about flash and kong

I know this is a community based around realm grinder but I have a question about kong and flash

1. when flash dies, will kong still be up? I know kartridge exists but I feel that it's slow and downloading gaming takes up memory in my computer
2. will ad on (like supernova) still work? can I uninstall flash and still play my games with the ad on or do I still have to have flash downloaded on my computer?


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Re: Questions about flash and kong

To answer both your questions in one, Kongregate is already planning on allowing flash content to remain on their site via Supernova SWF Enabler. … kongregate

Whether these will resist the closure of Flash Player is still up in the air, but worst case scenario you can always connect your save to your steam account pre-emptively in case it doesn't work by the moratorium deadline.

You may see me on Discord as Trumpets. My username here is from Kongregate (rip forums).


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